By increasing and strengthening effective communication between patients and providers, remote patient monitoring undoubtedly has a significant positive impact on the medical service system. By taking advantage of the latest digital technologies and ingeniously combining them with the existing healthcare delivery model, the remote patient monitoring program is improving the efficiency of practice and the treatment effect of patients. 88% of healthcare providers are currently investing or planning to invest in RPM device, which shows the efficacy and advantages of remote patient monitoring programs for all stakeholders. In fact, compared with patients who did not participate in the remote patient monitoring plan, patients who participated in the remote patient monitoring plan were more involved and recovered faster. In addition, it is well known that RPM can reduce the rate of disengagement and burnout of doctors who are often overburdened by the continuous influx of patients.

Remote patient monitoring is a medical care receiving system which is relatively convenient and easy to use, even for elderly patients who do not know much about technology. Patients participating in the remote patient monitoring program will receive some portable and wearable health tracking devices. According to their needs, they can use these devices to record their vital signs, such as heart rate, blood glucose level, blood pressure, etc., and transmit their data electronically to their doctors and nursing staff for medical evaluation. Patients can record their data at any time at their comfortable home or on travel, and provide it to doctors for medical advice.

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